Activ Studio by wenisa

We spoke to Wenisa, who started Activ Studio in Bangsar, Lorong Maarof.

 She is passionate about ensuring that every BODY has a second chance, “I am inspired through years of working with clients especially those may have given up hope with their own body, to see them moving better and pain free again.” Wenisa is a certified Nirvana Fitness, Airflow yoga and Bootybarre instructor and a Biodynamic Craniosacal Therapist Practitioner. She started her studio to assist with personal training and injury & weight management, and has since expanded to group classes.

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Q: What do (did) you do as your day job?
A: I have been training clients for as long as i can remember, almost 16 years

Q: Tell us your fitness journey / background & your fitness goals
A: I started teaching since i was 16 years old. I was once a chubby kid and my mom had this brilliant idea to send me to an aerobics instructor course during my holidays so instead of forcing me to exercise, I was being paid to exercise. Wasn’t she smart? When I finished my A Levels I decided to go fully into the fitness industry specifically personal training by joining Fitness First, at that time it was still dominated by males so starting out was pretty challenging for me.

I am now a Nirvana Fitness, Airflow yoga and Bootybarre instructor. I am also certified Biodynamic Craniosacal Therapist Practitioner since 2 years ago.

My personal fitness goal is to be comfortable in my own skin. As long as I am injury free, not overweight and flexible I’ll be happy as larry. I guess when you have worked with so many injured and reconditioned clients, one will be just happy with a functioning body.

Q: What inspired you to start the studio / space?
A: I realised that in order to fully specialised, I would need my own space then I would attract trainers who resonate with my passion. Activ Studio was born – a dedicated space for clients who need special attention and skill sets. After 4 years of running the space, I am please to have expanded to group fitness as , bringing unique classes to the Bangsar community.

Q: Who is your target crowd?
A: People with back/knee/shoulder injuries, or even health condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis etc. Busy people who are looking for results-oriented training and people who find it challenging to lose weight.

Q: What is the one thing you love about owning / running your studio?                            
A: Having a group of amazing trainers who does the same work as i do! Oh and I get to choose to offer classes that I like and believe in. *grin*

Q: Who is your inspiration / what is your favourite quote?
A: My husband is my pillar of strength and inspiration. My favourite quote is “everyBODY deserves a second chance”. I am inspired through years of working with clients especially those may have given up hope with their own body, to see them moving better and pain free again.

Q: Types of classes & difficulty level (beginner / intermediate / advanced)
A: Bolster Yoga – yoga – beginner
Broga Yoga – Yoga – Multilevel
Salsation – Dance – multilevel
Piloxing – Pilates + Boxing – Multilevel
Piloxing Barre – Pilates + Boxing + barre – Multilevel
Bootybarre – Pilates + Barre + Dance – Multilevel
Nirvana Fitness – Breathing fitness – Multilevel
Airflow yoga – Aerial yoga – Multilevel
Pound – Drum-based cardio – Multilevel

Q: Location of studio (any nearby landmarks?)
A: If you are coming from BSC, at the Macdonald’s traffic light, turn left. We are at the row of shoplot on your right, right above 99 speed mart.

Q: Available parking
A: Yes at the front.

Q: What other facilities / services do you provide? (shower / personal training)
A: Facilities : shower, locker. You will need to bring your own towels.
Services : Personal training, Personal/ group ems training with Visionbody, Active Isolated Stretch therapy

Q: Describe the design of your studio
A: Simple open space where we can offer private training without distractions. 1 small and 1 big group fitness room.

Link to Activ Studio Bangsar’s facebook page

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