Alexandria Cheah

6 years old Gymnast

Alexandria is a 6 years old rhythmic gymnast at CSRG. She is a 116cm tall as of 2017. Alexandria has been in CSRG for two years and loves doing warm ups and learning her new routines. Her favourite routine in rhythmic gymnastics is the ball routine. She likes that it is really fun for her!

Hui says: As a new parent, I have started to develop a different perspective on so many things. One of them is about how I would encourage my daughter to be active, and how much to encourage, motivate or drive her to be involved in competitive sport. Apart from just thinking about budget, type of activity, the question of how to inspire and encourage and instil discipline without pushing them too much. 

Royce Cheah, Alexandria’s father got in contact with ash be nimble to request for a photo of Alexandria and her instructor, Carolyn at a CSRG (Carolyn’s School of Rhythmic Gymnastics) event. We were interested in Alexandria’s story and spoke to Royce to find out more!

Do watch Alex in the video as she is being interviewed by her father, Royce. She also shows her skipping rope skills at the end of the 1 minute video.

We asked Royce a few questions about his journey with his daughter in helping Alexandria out with her decisions and how much of it is Alexandria’s choice.


As a parent, how did you get Alexandria into rhythmic gymnastic?

One of my friends was in Carolyn’s national team and that’s how I was exposed to rhythmic gymnastic – and I figured, why not let Alex try it out. No harm, and everything to gain! 🙂 If Alex wasn’t into it, I have no issues in letting her follow another path until she finds something that she loves. It turns out that Alex loves rhythmic gymnastics – and at such a young age, she is starting to show some resilience and discipline required for such a technical sport.

What do you think is important about rhythmic gymnastic for Alex?

I think Alex has gained and will continue to improve on – coordination skills, listening skills in terms of taking instructions and executing the finest detail, taking criticism and not giving up, and confidence – as the sport requires performing in public. I feel these are all important life skills.

How do you encourage and inspire Alex to be active and enjoy what she does?

My wife and I will discuss with Alex every few months whenever challenges in the learning of the sport comes – whether Alex still loves it and wants to continue. We tell her that it’ll become more difficult and if she wants to do something, do it well. Alex understands this and takes it in her own stride. She is also greatly motivated by learning from Carolyn and is excited about what lies ahead, i.e. wanting to do what her seniors are doing.

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