Sports and health related Brand Listings.

Karen Siah
Karen Siah

Armed with a Bachelor of Science (Sport and Exercise) degree, Karen aims to help others achieve their fitter, healthier and stronger self. She is also an Ironman athlete and marathoner
Karen specialises in
– Personal Training
– Group Fitness Class
– Youth Strength Conditioning
– Senior Strength Training
– Pregnant and Post Partum Training
– Corporate Group Training


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Amazin Graze’
Amazin Graze’

Snack right with yummy health snacks, ranging from a wide assortments of granola, superfoods, nut butters and more! Everything is made fresh weekly using the best raw ingredients packed in high nutritional value.

Rhymba Hills Tea
Rhymba Hills Tea

Rhymba Hills Tea is 100% natural Malaysian herbal infusion which is sugar free and caffeine free and helps you to have better sleep, better digestion, etc. We use ingredients like Lemongrass, Bentong Ginger, Pandan, Roselle, etc which are carefully blended to give you aromatic and tasty beverage. Drink it anytime of the day as your favourite beverage!

B Studios

A mother and baby friendly fitness centre, that offers classes specially designed and suitable for postpartum and expecting mothers. Sessions include yoga, pilates, HIIT, strength and conditioning and more! Baby friendly classes allow mums to workout with baby, otherwise playpens are provided.

42-2, Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
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Bone conduction headphones that prioritize safety, situational awareness and comfort through an unconventional OpenFit™ design.
KLCC Runners Group

KLCC Runners Group is the fastest growing running group in Malaysia. The group organises weekly events which include group runs on the 1st or 3rd Sunday every month during KL CarFree Sunday in Kuala Lumpur (7km) at 6am. The group also hosts, free weekly event which includes, Pose Method Running Clinics (by Certified Trainers), yoga for runners, HIIT training program and more!

Naked Spirit Runners

With the motto “Run Without Limits”, Naked Spirit Runners is a growing running club with a strong ultra running unit, however you need not be an ultra runner to join. Training sessions are held every Thursday’s at 8.30. Rotating between 2 locations every 2 weeks – Petronas, Sri Hartamas and LHDN, Jalan Duta. They do however occasionally switch routes to spice things up.

Shah Alam Running Club

Established in 2015, Shah Alam Running Crew will challenge your limits, with the hashtag #flatsisboring, you can be assured that some hill action is bound to take place. The group organises runs at Dataran Padang A, every Wednesdays,  at 8.30pm. Covering an average of 10km per session. The group also hosts Fartlek sessions to work on your speed. Sessions are suitable for all levels.

The NBRC aims to connect people through running. The running club hosts weekly sessions, which are usually held on Saturday mornings. Training sessions include, fun runs (5km), tempo runs, LSD’s and more! Locations change monthly so do follow their Facebook group for updates and to register as a member.

Mont Kiara Running Club

The MKRC consists of a group of KL residents, who range from runners just wanting to clock in some mileage, to those who often compete in race events. Compared to other running crews on the list, MKRC is not suitable for beginners, runners who intend to partake have to be able to follow a pace of 5:00m/km and ~6:30m/km. Wednesday road runs start at 8.30pm, covering an average of 8km to 10km around the Mont Kiara/Hartamas area. Sunday runs start at 7am, where members will either run 20+km LSDs or follow the Wednesday menu. The group also organises trail runs on Thursdays.