Yoga Instructor | Rock Climber | Eating Disorder Survivor

Tell us about yourself, Charmaine!

I’m currently working in the Corporate Strategy world but my biggest passion lies with fitness. It was a big part of pulling me out of the trenches when I realized it was more than just a means of losing weight. Now I’m a certified Yoga instructor and my fitness journey has definitely expanded beyond the numbers on a weighing scale.

“I used to struggle with Asthma, Anorexia & Bulimia, but it was in this that I discovered how important the strength of my body and mind was when put through these challenging conditions.” 

I began running and with time and patienceI was able to run further & longer every session. I highly encourage my fellow Asthmatics to see a doctor before seriously delving into any type of exercise program. My other advice would be to take extra time to warm up, rest when necessary, avoid polluted areas and extend your cool down sessions. 

Besides struggling from Asthma, like the unfortunate mentality of many of us out there, the number on the weighing scale weighed just as heavy on my mind as it did on my hips. Speaking from first hand experience, both losing and gaining weight can take a toll on our mental health. In my younger teen years, I battled with anorexia and bulimia but thankfully won that fight. Yoga however taught me that both my mental and physical health are equally important.

“It’s the progression that matters so take baby steps. You’d be surprised when you realize your body can do something it couldn’t do a month ago.”


Why ash be nimble?

The colors of ash be nimble reflects the colorful life I aspire to lead, whether it’s as high up on Bukit Tabur or as low and flat on my yoga mats. When I first started delving into yoga, ash be nimble was my chosen brand for yoga tights and since then I’ve been sporting the bright selections from their range. Other than the attractive less-than-RM100 price tags, the mesh material they often incorporate in their designs fit my active lifestyle both in Malaysian’s humid weather or during my travels to Iceland at 10 degrees.

How do you #gotheextramile while maintaining a work-life balance?

Two things that I feel are crucial are time management and modifications. Allocating time for the workouts may be interrupted so I also allocate time for Plan B just incase life gets in the way. I even modify the simple things in my life to include exercise like taking the stairs up 9 floors instead of the elevator, parking my car further way to get a good walk in or even offering to carry all the groceries.

“People neglect the amount of ‘exercise’ they can get throughout the day by just making small adjustments to do their daily habits.”

 What’s next for you?

“The most important thing is to find a workout that you truly enjoy doing and makes you happy” 

After recognizing my love for yoga, I decided to pursue it professionally and picked up a new fitness goal along the way, to inspire and help others in their fitness journey, and pass along the knowledge that we all need to strive for balance. Although my fitness journey started out small as a girl struggling with my self-esteem chasing down numbers off the scale, now as a certified instructor I aspire to do a lot more.

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