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Amazing transformation stories of women in health & fitness!

In a day and age that leaves us spoiled with choices of gyms, studios & fitness warehouses, we find few are women-friendly gyms. We’re not only talking about gym equipment wise or interior design here people – we’re talking about a safe space for women to build their confidence and improve their fitness. While we do see a couple of women’s only gym appearing in KL in recent times but we fell in love with Curves Malaysia’s back in 2014.

In fact, Curves is amongst the few gyms that offers its clients the full fitness experience, from  strength to flexibility to nutrition guides – no more having to figure out exercise machines or wondering whether that Nasi Lemak after gym is a good idea, Curves has got you covered. It is also one of the few gyms that offers equipment with hydraulics based technology that will help improve strength and endurance.

With clients ranging from the ages of 30  years to 50 years and older , Curves prides itself in being the fitness establishment that  encourages and inspires women to push their boundaries and achieve their fitness goals no matter what their age – Yes ladies! It’s never too late to get Fit!

Curvette of the Year 2017

In the spirit of empowering women through fitness, Curves’ Curvette of the Year 2017 is back for its third successful year. The  competition aims to  encourage its members to  test their limits – read go the extra mile- to achieve their fitness goals and also to empower other women to kickstart their own journey.

As the proud official sportswear sponsors, we were honoured to have been given the chance to style these inspiring (and very fit) top 3 finalists :


Norkhalijah (Olly)

Curvette of the Year 2017 Category Winner for Weight Loss

Olly is wearing sports hijab sleek in fuschia, vera soft rayon top in navy, poppin’pleated skort – fuschia & white, adeline full leggings in navy

“I used to have adventures such as hiking, kayaking and survival camps when I was younger. My world changed as I got married and my priority was to raise my family. Eventually, I became the ‘typical housewife’ where I started putting on weight, losing my confidence and also, losing myself. After I joined Curves, I started picking myself up again. I realize that in order for me to look after my family, I have to look after myself first. Curves provides a comfortable environment for woman like myself to sweat and workout. I have made a lot of friends who are very supportive throughout my journey. Now, I feel a lot stronger, confident and best of all, I lost all the extra weight!”



Curvette of the Year 2017 Category Winner for Health Transformation


Linda is wearing sports hijab – poise in black and blue mesh, christina skort in tribal grey, adeline full leggings – gunmetal grey

“Since I joined Curves, I feel much healthier and more energetic than I was before. Curves have taught me so much about the importance of strength training, living a healthy life and having a balanced diet. Age is never an issue for me! I love Curves because it’s designed for women and they provide a safe environment to strengthen women for all ages. Although I’m 53, I feel like I’m in my early 20’s! I believe that my body is in its best condition now. The Coaches have taught me so much and they understand the members’ needs. Many of my friends ask me what is my secret to looking young – my regular workouts at Curves!



Curvette of the Year 2017 Category Winner for Most Inspirational

Irene is wearing vera soft rayon top in greyamanda sports bra – lightning, 3/4 crops in mint green & mesh

“With 2 rambunctious boys under the age of 10, a full-time job and a household to look after, I could barely keep up! I came across Curves as it promised me a full body workout in 30 minutes only, perfect and best of all, the Curves equipment uses hydraulic resistance, so I don’t have to set the weights like in other conventional gyms. Now, I feel healthier, fitter and I don’t fall sick easily. I believe that Curves gave me the regiment, place, and people to help me lose the weight and keep it off. So what’s a mother with limited time, budget, and a burgeoning waistline do? Workout at Curves!”

Congratulations Ladies! Thank you for inspiring us to take  charge of our lives and showing us that anything is indeed possible! 

Alison Chin

CEO Curves Malaysia

Years ago, when I started going regularly to the gym, I fell in love with the fitness and wellness industry for its fun and positivity. But I never truly felt comfortable working out next to my male colleagues – especially during unglamorous moments that involved being sweaty or doing squats.

As I learned about all the benefits that came with a sound exercise and nutrition programme, I encouraged all those I cared about to take this up as well, including my mother. A turning point came when a personal trainer pressured my mother into doing weights until she got a slipped disc in her neck, nearly paralysing her. She had to spend thousands in recuperation and was in extreme pain for months.

I decided to bring Curves to Malaysia when I saw how the women-only workout concept transformed my cousin in Australia from being a stressed-out mom to looking amazing, healthy and happy. I saw immediately that Curves was what women in Malaysia had been missing this whole time. It was workout solution that would not only help my mum but all women.

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