Pre Run Warm Ups

with Dana Low

Thinking about clocking in some mileage?

How about a quick warm up before blazing the trails (or road) in your favourite ash be nimble gear! Follow Dana Low as she shares her quick and easy warm up tips in our New Fox Tank and Christina Skorts! Let’s get those tight muscles loose and nimble *no pun intended* starting with some simple stretches.

Leg Stretch

Grasp just below your knee and bring your knees as close as you can to your chest.

Hold for 8 counts  and repeat on other side.

 Quad Stretch

 Bring you legs to the back, holding on to your foot and bring it as close as you can to your butt. 

Hold for 8 counts and repeat on other side


Shoulder Stretch

Lock your right arm on your left elbow and bring your left arm across your body , push until you feel a slight stretch.

Hold for 8 counts and repeat on other side.


These simple stretches are crucial to helping you avoid injury. So be sure to not skip these!

Now that you are all stretched out. It’s time to get that heart rate pumping

8 Leg Lifts 

Because strong abductors are key to strong running form.

Lie on your side and bring the top leg up till parallel to your hip then down again. Repeat on another side

 20 Jumping Jacks 

To get the adrenaline flowing

 8 Alternate Lunges on each side

Start at standing position, bring your right leg out and lunge forward, then go back to standing, and repeat with left your leg. 

8 High Knees

High knees help strengthen your hip flexors

It is like you are running in one place, but be sure to lift your knees up high till they are almost parallel to your hips.  

The best way to ensure you’re doing this warm up correctly is by putting your palms parallel to your hips, and let your knees touch your palms. 

8 Butt Kicks  

Activate the hamstrings

Also, like you’re running in one place, but bring your ankles as far back as possible till it touches your butt… yes you’re literally kicking yourself in the butt.  

Woot! Now that you’re all warmed up, It’s time to run!

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