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What baby-friendly yoga looks like at ash be nimble

  online sportswear brand ash be nimble does baby-friendly yoga classes dear friends, ever since I gave birth in december 2015, it has opened my eyes to the many challenges and joys a mother faces. in particular, I understand and can empathise how much more difficult it is to get out and workout when you have a baby, especially below the age of 3. its not just the logistics of getting your baby taken care or, or bundled into the car at a certain time, its also the motivation to get off your bum and drag yourself to a class, and worry whether your baby is going to behave, when the alternative is to stay in the comfort of your home! through starting my brand ash be nimble, I hope to inspire an active lifestyle in everyone, but in particular people who have challenging circumstances, especially busy, tired young mums! baby friendly yoga at ash be nimble - online sports apparel brand we engaged Cynthia Wong to conduct our second Mama & Bub’s Baby-friendly Yoga on Saturday 29 July 2017, targeting mums with babies aged 5 and below. The location was at our shop-studio-office The Fox Den, which I’ve set up to be baby-friendly: a toys area, breastfeeding area, changing mat and a lot of space to run around! online sportswear brand ash be nimble hopes to inspire mums with our baby friendly yoga Cynthia just got certified in Pre-natal and Post-natal Vinyasa Yoga so we engaged her to conduct the class. We’ve worked with Cynthia on many occasions and felt that she would be great to manage the dynamics of the class as it gets challenging not just engaging the mothers but also the babies. You have to be flexible and be able to mentally pre-empt and gauge so many things as an instructor! Thank you Cynthia for being an outstanding instructor! Here are some photos of our little and not-so-little champions who made it for the class! If you’re keen on joining out classes, we have yoga at The Fox Den every Monday & Thursday evening. Check out these classes & other fun activities on our dedicated sign up page here. We hope to be able to start a regular baby-friendly yoga class soon on the weekends! 🙂 Drop us a line at if you are interested! xoxo hui online sportswear brand ash be nimble hopes to inspire mums with our baby friendly yoga About Cynthia, your YOGA instructor: Cynthia Wong is currently on a mission to create 1 million inspired moments to empower people all over the world to step into their passions and light. She sees yoga as a transformative tool for people to connect again to oneself, to step into the person they’ve always known they can be. Cynthia received these certifications in Bali: Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Standup Paddleboard Yoga, and Pre/Postnatal Vinyasa Yoga. She integrates breath, environment, music, and fun to build conscious communities, together embracing yoga, as well as personal goals and visions. While born and raised in US, Cynthia has lived in 8 countries and traveled 56. She’s spent 4 of the past 5 years living/based in KL. She’s taught yoga for various groups – transformational programs for women, yoga for families, couples, new moms, refugee girls and women, male pageant finalists, yoga to live music, at MURFEST, SUP Yoga at Bali Spirit Fest, even designing a series of yoga classes for running. Venues expand beyond beautiful studios to include candlelit balconies, city center rooftops, seaside beaches, eco-resorts, desert festivals, urban parks with skyline view, cafes, the 5 star Pangkor Laut resort, and her Sunday sunset yoga classes under a huge open air dome. You can follow her for more pop up events in KL: FB: IG: @cynthia_activeyogi online sportswear brand ash be nimble hopes to inspire mums with our baby friendly yoga

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