Rise and Run with adidas SOLARBOOST

We chased the sunrise with Adidas Runners KL running group & test drove the Brand New adidas SOLARBOOST running shoes. 
Here’s what we thought about it. 

ATOP MAYOR HILL Image credit: Adidas Malaysia

Amidst the quiet dewy morning in Kenny Hills comes an enthusiastic group of runners up early before sunrise working to achieve their weekend mileage. The route popular amongst runners looking to train for a major race was this mornings training ground for the ADIDAS RUNNERS KL’s (ARKL) – SOLARBOOST @ Kenny Hills Run event. Lead by adidas co-captain and ambassador, Awan Bunjing (popularly known as Awanrun), groups of 4 were lead around the Kenny Hill area before abounding up the torrid slopes of Mayor hill, a 1km incline leading towards the KL Mayors residence. Well known for being a great hill training spot for distance/ultra/trail runners needing to build leg strength and endurance, the hill is notorious for wearing out even the most seasoned runners. Members of the ARKL soldiered through and were treated to a beautiful view of KL City as she awoke.  

CHASING THE SUNRISE. Image credit: Adidas Malaysia
Image credit: Adidas Malaysia


Adidas Runners, is a global movement that connects runners and urban athletes within their cities to encourage and drive personal growth, form friendships amongst the running community  and share their love for sports both globe. Events are free and open to the community. Currently, ARKL organises monthly events focusing mainly on growing the Malaysian running community, by organising group runs and conditioning workouts. These events are usually hosted by local ambassadors like Awan. Currently, there are 50 adidas runner clubs around the world and KL’s community is growing fast.

Saturday morning’s event was no exception, with over 100 runners of all backgrounds attending to take on the almost 7km run. The event kicked off with a quick warm up by Awan outside Kenny Hill Bakers. Groups were then separated according to their preferred pace before completing a quick but challenging 7km route around the area. The event ended with a cool down session by fellow adidas co-captain, Nabila, with refreshments provided by Kenny Hill Bakers.  The event was held in conjunction with the launch of adidas latest running shoes SOLARBOOST, a shoe made with technology and precision engineering thanks to NASA. We at the ash be nimble team were given the privilege to take a pair out on a test drive..

Image credit: Adidas Malaysia


(From left) Lorna, Kimberly and Hui Mathews seen here donning their pair of SOLARBOOST RUNNING SHOES

The beautiful blue and lilac not only fit us like a glove but felt natural and light on our feet during our run, almost like a good ol’ pair of seasoned shoes. This is because the brand new technical SOLARBOOST features rocket science you can wear. With BOOST and revolutionary Tailored Fibre Placement technology, the SOLARBOOST delivers lightweight support, superior cushioning and precise comfort. Built for optimum performance, the lightweight running shoe was created using adidas’ best innovations. The fibres feature Parley material content and every single millimetre of the shoe is precisely stitched and constructed. The result – superior comfort, fit and support in a lightweight form allowing us to run confidently during the event. Its inner support and cushioning made running downhill less strenuous to the knees and feet and helped us conquer Mayor Hill with ease (kinda- writer blames her lack of hill training).

Drawing parallels with the construction of a space-shuttle, in which every part has a unique purpose, every element in the SOLARBOOST has been maximised for a specific performance-driven function. Weighing only 295g, the new silhouette is 15g lighter than the previous Energy Boost silhouette, reflecting a significant reduction in weight whilst still delivering on the same superior cushioning and energy.

Product specialist, Alvin sharing his knowledge and insights on the SOLARBOOST. Image credit: adidas malaysia

Tested by the adidas Runners community in key cities across the world, within a wide range of temperatures and conditions, the lightweight yet durable model features adidas’ most ground-breaking innovations, including:

NEW Tailored Fibre Placement: cutting-edge technology uses Aramis data to precisely lay down fibres which feature Parley material content in the mid-foot to support the runner

Updated Energy rail: a brand new, lightweight symmetrical construction that works with BOOST to increase stability

Refined fit counter: supportive lightweight heel construction, designed to enable the free motion of the Achilles tendon as well as a wider, more accommodating fit.

BOOST sole: a highly responsive 85% BOOST midsole provides superior, lightweight cushioning to energise runners from the ground up

Optimised Stretchweb: rubber outsole with superior grip that adapts to every runner’s foot strike by moving in harmony with boost to provide a smoother and more flexible ride.

Verdict: One of the most comfortable shoes we’ve worn to date. Compared to previous models that required a few runs before getting comfortable, the SOLARBOOST was comfortable from the get go. The shoe is lightweight, has responsive boost midsole which adapts to our foot strike and form fitting construction offered extra support to our feet, making landing lighter and allowing us to run longer and faster, making it suitable for long distance running. Plus, fun fact, adidas’ famous three stripes woven onto the shoe is made from recycled plastic. Functional, adaptable and sustainable. 



With adidas co-captain, Awanrun
adidas SOLARBOOST: Men's running pair
adidas SOLARBOOST: Women's running pair

The SOLARBOOST Retails for MYR650, the SOLARBOOST will be available online and in the following stores on June 1st 2018:

o adidas Sports Performance Pavilion
o adidas Sports Performance KLCC
o adidas Sports Performance The Gardens
o adidas Sports Performance IOI City Mall
o adidas Sports Performance Midvalley
o adidas Sports Performance Sunway Pyramid
o adidas Sports Performance Genting Sky Avenue

To find out more, please visit: adidas.com.my/SOLARBOOST.
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