how high can a beauty queen fly?

Searching for the next FACE OF ASH BE NIMBLE from 2017's Miss Universe Malaysia finalists.

We are one step closer to finding out who will be The Next Face of ash be nimble as we follow the 18 finalists on their journey in becoming Miss Universe Malaysia 2017!

ash be nimble is the proud activewear sponsor of Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 and seeks to go beyond providing apparel, but to also inspire the finalists to go the extra mile to achieve their fitness goals and become confident, active and healthy role models for others.

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In addition to the trail challenge that we previously had with the 18 finalists of Miss Universe Malaysia 2017, Hui Mathews, the founder, CEO and designer hopes to select the next face of ash be nimble from the girl who is able to demonstrate strength, confidence, a resilient attitude and also the ability to go the extra mile in fitness and how she inspires those around her.

This challenge set the girls to conquer both fashion and fitness, with an intensive introductory class and photoshoot with 3 aerial apparatus. The girls were assigned into 3 groups for the challenge- aerial pole, silk and hoop.

Aerial silk team, from left to right: Jaspreet, Karshini, Gina, Laura, Tana.

Aerial pole team, from top left to bottom right: Michelle, Peh Leon, Tammy, Nicolle, Gina, Maegan.


Aerial hoop team, from left to right: Dewina, Sonia, Sam, Savina, Olle, Erica.

It was definitely tough for the girls as they had to be hanging from their apparatus which they only had 45 minutes to learn and practice on, while looking elegant and poised for the camera. Getting the angles right wasn’t easy, especially if you are suspended from the ceiling! A certain degree of strength and flexibility is required for each of the apparatus. Some of the girls sustained some grazes and bruises but we’re proud to say that these tough girls pulled through and impressed us, even with challenging poses!

The girls stretching before their aerial silk shoot.

Each group practice session was only 45 minutes and their individual shoot time limit was 10 minutes. The day started as early as 6am and ended at 6pm but it definitely didn’t feel like 12 hours as everyone had a good time & brought their best energy!

 Even while the girls were resting in between their shoots, they’re always prepared for photos!

It’s definitely a tough pick between all these empowering, beautiful 18 Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 finalists but we managed to pick one that really stood out to us.

Watch the youtube video above to find out who were our top picks from each of the apparatus. The top 3 girls then went on in the running to be selected as the face of ash be nimble!

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