Shape Magazine - Movers & Shapers Feature: Hui Mathews The Trail Runner

“When in doubt, go the extra mile. Do that extra set of sit ups, that extra one kilometre, extra 10 seconds of all out punches.” - Hui Mathews

On the mental game 

“The past year has sports been a challenge for me.The stress of running the business and having a baby is a mental ultra-marathon.  But I constantly remind myself that I am surrounded by a loving family, a passionate team and amazingly supportive friends and customers. For that, I am blessed”

On her favourite sport

“Trail running! I love being out in nature, surrounded  by nothing that is man-made except for the clothes I’m wearing. Whenever I’m in the jungle, I lose track of time, distracted by where I’m placing my feet so I don’t think about how tired or how much further I have to go. And as an avid trail runner, joining trail races is a must. What’s so great about it? The scenery is beyond amazing – it’s taken me past crater lakes, volcanic seas of sand, under 200m waterfalls, river-crossings, through tropical jungles and alpine forests! It’s raw, messy and mostly shaded.”

On finding time to workout

“I wish I could work out every day, like most people think I do. But just like everyone else, I find it hard to wake up early most mornings to go out for a run. With Asha around, it gets extra difficult since she won’t sleep through the night. I will squeeze some time at least once a week for trail running, but with changes in babysitting arrangements and other things, I end up doing a hike with Asha strapped on me. When I have no choice, I will sign up for a race and run with Asha in the pram!”

On having a positive body image

“As a mother, going though pregnancy and childbirth and to be able to do 50-70kilometre trail races have taught me that my body is capable of so much more than I thought, which puts me in awe of its intricate designs and functions.” Despite her hectic schedule Hui Mathews still finds time to squeeze in her favourite past time, Trail Running. 
Follow hui’s journey on building a business + being a mother + trying to be a trail runner on instagram.

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