"the story behind ash be nimble"

Starting ash be nimble

Dear friend,

I am an average girl who happens to be passionate about leading a fit lifestyle; I believe in doing so in comfort and in style!

I’ve always been active, starting with basketball at the age of 11 and playing at various levels in KL and Sydney. I flirted with muay thai for about 2 years and went from struggling with 5km non-stop to finishing 50km ultra trail marathons in 20 months under the influence of a few fit (and mildly insane) colleagues who have turned into amazing friends.
  • May 2012 It all started with a work trip to Mount Kinabalu. I prepared by training at Bukit Tunku and trail running (ok, maybe trail walking at the time) at Bukit Gasing.
  • April 2013 With a lot of inspiration from our work running club leader, I did my first road race in KL at the inaugural Malaysia Womens Marathon in April 2013, and came in 8th place in the 8km category, much to my surprise!
  • One thing that struck me at MWM was the lack of affordable fashionable sports bras on sale and that lead to the inception of my clothing brand dreams.
  • July 2013 Our work running club leader signed me in for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon to do my first half marathon. Fighting through a lot of beginners’ knee pain, I managed the seemingly impossible feat of finishing with a time of 1 hour 56 minutes.
  • September 2013 I went on to do my first trail race at Sabah’s The Most Beautiful Thing (TMBT) and came in 9th in the 25km category. It was a beautifully challenging race & this race is responsible for my current love affair with trail running.
  • November 2013 Itchy for more trails; I sign up (on impulse) for the Bromo Tengger Semeru Ultra 50km race and managed to get my husband to jump on the bandwagon. It was one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to and I managed to finish 4th in 10.5 hours.
  • January 2014 I came up with my brand name whilst on vacation, partly because I needed a brand name to book a booth at the upcoming Malaysia Women’s Marathon!
  • February 2014 I then did The North Face Thailand 100km duo category (50km each, combined time) with my husband and we came in 12th place at just over 7 hours each. Such hot, dry landscape but we had a blast!
  • March 2014 ashbenimble officially launches on 14th March 2014 at the Malaysia Women’s Marathon, exactly a year after I did my first road race in KL at the same event!
  • March till September has been a big, beautiful blur of hitting as many events, markets, bazaars, gym partnerships, social media campaigns as possible to get our name out there and meet as many of you as possible!
  • September 2014 I finally quit my full time, cushy corporate job at The Boston Consulting group to pursue this (with some part time consulting on the side still), and managed to also win my first race the same month! Came in joint 1st with Karen Siah in the 18km trail category in 1 hour 37 minutes at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia Trail Run, Kuala Lumpur
  • November 2014 Somehow managed 4th place behind 3 insanely fit & gorgeous girls from Sweden, Switzerland & France in a 70km trail race at Bromo Tengger Semeru 100 Ultra, East Java Indonesia. Beautiful scenery and a good amount of time (15 hours & 16 minutes) to reflect on & soak in the insanely good year I’ve had.
It has been a whirlwind year discovering my passion for trail running and turning my dream into a reality to make comfortable, fashionable and affordable sports apparel for women in Malaysia. These three things are not mutually exclusive! I believe anything is possible, and life it too short not to live it like an adventure.

I hope this little dream of mine will enable & inspire more girls out there to get up, get dressed and go run after your life.
If you are passionate about this like me, and would love to help us expand by being a stockist in your town or country, please write to me hui@ashbenimble.com, I would love to meet you!
xoxo hui.

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