TRIBE BOXING STUDIO: Feel the Vibe, Join the Tribe
Kuala Lumpur’s newest boutique boxing fitness centre introduces a night club meets fight club. setting.
It is the place to punch away the weekday stress, along to house beats.
ABN team and friends with Coach Emilion at the Grand Opening of Tribe Boxing Studio

Looking for a new workout to tone up and burn some calories? Then KL’s newest boutique boxing centre, TRIBE BOXING STUDIO definitely takes the “punch”. Last Saturday, TEAM ABN were invited to attend the Grand Launch where we were treated to a trial workout session hosted by Coach Emilio. Held in the “RAVE CAVE”, the 1 hour class featured a series of intense HIIT-inspired boxing drill exercises coupled with clubhouse, which after a stressful week was a great combo to “lepas stim” (destress) to. Coach Emilio motivated us through sequences that included jab, cross, hooks and speed on bags followed by 1 minute planks. Despite our arms and legs being rendered to jelly once the class ended, we still managed to walk out feeling like we won a fight and were craving for more! Wondering whether this the gym for you? We’ve listed 5 things we love about TRIBE boxing studio.

Hui with TRIBE trainer Rachel Heah

5 Reasons To Check Out Tribe Boxing Studio


Image credit: Tribe Boxing Studio facebook

Amongst the seemingly harmless, minimalist setting (and one friendly startrooper in fight stance greeting you upon entry), came a soft yet distinct mumbling beat from beyond the walls, marked the RAVE CAVE. Slide open the iron doors be greeted by a rave club setting but with  boxing bags and sweaty “boxers” wrapped, gloved and ready to fight. Club music fills the room and are a constant backdrop during your workouts, whilst different light changes help set the mood to fight. 

Tempted to unleash your inner Mohammad Ali in this ring?


Image credit: Tribe Boxing Studio facebook

Unlike most martial arts gyms in Malaysia which are geared towards training fighters for competition, TRIBE caters to those who are keen in martial arts without physical impact, hence it is a functional training gym, which incorporates HIIT and boxing to help you achieve that total body workout! Some of the benefits of boxing style workouts include increased stamina and endurance, stress relief and better hand eye coordination. 


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No boxing gear? No worries. TRIBE BOXING STUDIO provides boxing gloves and wraps that are washed daily. Gloves and wraps are also on sale for those keen on owning their own pair. Lockers are provided and shower rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art appliances. 

A little inspiration in the girls bathroom
Who can't resist a little photo op with this pretty mural


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TRIBE BOXING STUDIO provides a no frills, non contract system, whereby members need only purchase credits starting from RM65. Those interested in trial session will be subject to introductory fees of RM60 for 2 classes. Personal training sessions are also available.


Image credit: Tribe Boxing Studio facebook

Music isn’t complete without these awesome dedicated fight trainers. Besides helping you stay motivated, trainers will make sure you get the most of your workouts by checking on form and stance. 

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